The Building


The Schweinemarkthalle (pig market hall), where the Perfekt Futur startup center is located, dates back to 1927-28. It distinguishes itself from the other dominant, imposing buildings from the 19th century through its New Objectivity design.

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project description

“I will have been a successful entrepreneur.” – This is the motto with which Perfekt Futur provides startup companies in the cultural and creative industries new opportunities in Karlsruhe. For entrepreneurs to one day look back at a successful company start, they need a creative and inspiring environment. This is exactly what the startup center in the former Schweinemarkthalle offers them.

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The first drafts for the renovation into a startup center were created in 2007. The plans were further developed in the following years, including the installation of a sample container on the outside area that was meant to convey an impression on how the units in the hall will look like..

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