When can I move in? And when will I know if I can move in?

Perfekt Futur has been open since April 2013. More than 75 % of the space is already leased. One can apply at any time. There is always room for brilliant ideas and extraordinary concepts. Your application, which should be submitted online via our website, will be reviewed right away and an appointment date will be suggested.

Can I paint or decorate the inside and outside of the container?

The outside of the container should neither be painted nor decorated. As for the inside, the user can model the workspace as he/she wishes. However, the floor should be left in its original state. Due to fire protection reasons, the container doors should not be clamped shut. When moving out, the containers must be restored to their initial state in order to also give the incoming tenant the opportunity to furnish the container as he/she wishes.

Can I choose the container I want to move in to?

A request can be expressed, but we cannot make any promises.

Can I also set up a repair shop in a container?

No, the containers are unfortunately not designed for a proper repair shop. Of course, one can bring and use small tools such as a sewing machine in the container, but noise and smell should not disturb the other users. In general, the containers are rented out as offices and should be used as offices.

Is the hall heated in winter?

Yes, the hall is heated to a comfortable temperature in winter. For special demands on the room temperature the container can be heated.
Can one rent an additional room for all the things that will not fit in the container?

No, unfortunately there are no extra storage rooms.

Is there Wi-Fi in the hall?

There is Wi-Fi in the hall and can be used in the café and by the coworkers. Every container also has its own telephone and internet connection, which can be individually used through the desired service provider/tariff.

Do I get my own address?

Yes, every container unit is given a number and, hence, has its own address. Outside the hall, there is a separate mailbox for every unit as well as a board where the company sign can be attached.

Can I also organize a reading or an event at Perfekt Futur?

Yes, that is certainly possible. As long as this will not prohibit the users of surrounding containers from working in peace. In case of any questions about organizing events at Perfekt Futur, feel free to contact the Karlsruher Fächer GmbH.

Can someone else also be accommodated in Perfekt Futur, e.g., if he/she is currently working with me on a project, but there is no space left in my container?

For such a case, there are external areas around the container. These can be used for a temporary expansion as a makeshift solution for the lack of space. In principle, there is the possibility of co-working in a container reserved for this purpose. The package includes a work desk with lamp and Wi-Fi as well as access to a printer. A temporary work container costs 15 € per day and 65 € per week.

Can I work around the clock at Perfekt Futur?

Yes, the startup center is open around the clock for container users. Every user is given a key, allowing them access at all times. For the general public, the opening hours of the alina café apply.

How and when can I use the meeting container and how is it furnished?

One can reserve the meeting container on a specific date and collect the key at
the alina café. Please remember to cancel your reservation if you no longer need the meeting container. A small fee is charged per hour for the use of the meeting container. The container is equipped with tables and chairs, a projector, a whiteboard, and outlets.

What criteria are used to decide who gets a container?

An innovative idea and extraordinary concept within the branches of creative and cultural industries are a prerequisite. Furthermore, the company’s head office must be in Karlsruhe and the company must be liable for turnover tax. We always strive to have a diverse mix of entrepreneurs who can enrich and learn from each other at Perfekt Futur.

How long can I stay at the startup center?

Initially, three years are provided for the start. It shall then be reviewed if the company still needs support or if another younger company exists that requires the inexpensive place more urgently. In general, every company can stay at the startup center for a maximum of five years.
However, one is certainly not left on their own after moving out. We work together to try and find a new space either in the old slaughterhouse or at a different location or in another city. Currently, there are plans to develop a growth and consolidation center for companies in the cultural and creative industries. This will also be built on the slaughterhouse premises right next to Perfekt Futur.

How young should my startup company be for me to apply for a place in Perfekt Futur?

As a general rule, the company should not be older than three years. However, justified exceptions (e.g., a structural change, a new beginning, an extended “relinquishment” of the company) are possible. In this case, the decision is made on an individual basis.

What costs will I have to pay per month?

The basic monthly rent in new contracts is 115 € per container. However, this only applies for the first three years. For the 4th and 5th year, the rent increases to 170 € and 200 € respectively. Users also have to pay additional costs separately (e.g., water, heating, waste disposal, etc.) and VAT. Moreover, the users have to order and pay for electricity, internet, and telephone connection themselves.

Who is my landlord when I rent a container?

The containers are leased out by the Karlsruher Fächer GmbH & Co. Stadtentwicklungs-KG, a subsidiary of the city of Karlsruhe that oversees the project and is also responsible for the renovation of the entire slaughterhouse area. The respective contact details can be found on the official website of the former slaughtering yard.

Can I get coffee or lunch at Perfekt Futur?

Yes, both. The in-house café by Alina Waltenberger serves coffee and delicious cakes as well as a lunch special every day. The café is also a good place to meet with customers or visitors. In case you are planning an event or important occasion, catering services can be arranged with the help of the alina café. To do this, simply contact Alina Waltenberger, the operator of café alina.

What should my profession be for me to be able to work in Perfekt Futur?

Perfekt Futur is a center for entrepreneurs in cultural and creative industries. This means, any type of profession must have something to do with the associated industrial sectors. According to the definition by the “Culture in Germany” commission of inquiry, these include: music industry, book market, art market, film industry, broadcasting industry, performing arts market, architectural market, advertising market, software/games industry, etc. More information can be found here.

How are the communal areas equipped?

The communal containers are equipped with toilets and showers, among other things. There is also a discussion container that can be used for all entrepreneurs after registration as well as meeting areas that can be used without registration. The remaining communal areas, i.e. the terraces and the areas around the containers, are also accessible to all.

Do I have to clean, clear snow, or do other things around the hall?

The communal areas (toilets, showers, entrance area) are cleaned by a cleaning company. The cleaning cycle is determined by the user community. As for winter maintenance, a service provider is subcontracted. The cleaning and winter maintenance costs are included in the apportionable additional costs.

Will I get support for my startup?

The K3 Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaftbüros contact persons support all creative professionals with their startup projects for free. One is hereby given competent information and advice on such topics as financial planning or marketing strategies. The K³ office can be found here.

How big is a container and how is it furnished?

One container is approx. 13 m², a total of up to three containers can be rented per user. The containers are unfurnished. Only windows and doors have been installed and the inner walls painted white. They are also equipped with outlets as well as telephone and internet connections. Users are free to furnish their containers as they wish. The only thing that is unfortunately not possible is drilling holes in the walls.

What do I do when I still have more questions?

If you still have more questions about the renting space or containers, feel free to contact Lina Hoscislawski of the Karlsruher Fächer GmbH. For questions related to entrepreneurship, please contact Sabrina Isaac-Fütterer or Dirk Metzger of the K3 Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaftsbüro. The contact details can be found on this website under contact.